The Bergeron team


Jason Bergeron

Jason is the owner of the company and is involved with every aspect of the business.  After graduating from Clemson's school of Architecture in 1995 and working since then for his parents' business, Bergeron Builders, Inc., he started the new company in 2012 to carry on the family name and tradition of building.  He started working for the family business at 15, hands on, learning the trade and business from the ground up. Nearly 29 years later, Jason is a trained craftsman as well as a professional businessman.  

Jason is happily married (for over 16 years) to Jilly Bergeron.  They have two daughters (14 & 12) and one son (10). 


Michael Condon

Michael is a construction manager for the company.  Michael and Jason started working together in 2002 when Michael started at Bergeron Builders.  During that time, he honed his skills at finish carpentry and eventually worked his way up as one of the two best project managers in the company.  Michael is a creative and talented craftsman and a phenomenal construction manager.  He also maintains a small wood shop of his own and builds furniture and cabinetry in his spare time.

Michael is happily married (for over 17 years) to Diane Kilgore Condon.  They have one daughter (12).